Launching the Roomba vacuum series heightens the technological face of contemporary vacuum cleaners. This type is characterized as a compact, disk-shaped vacuum cleaner that has built-in sensors to hunt down dust, dirt, pet hairs, and all other kinds of debris. Whether dirt is situated underneath cabinets or couches, carpeted floors, and inflexible surfaces, the robotic vacuum can track them. It is equipped with rotating brushes and HEPA filters to efficiently pick-up even the smallest pieces of filthy substances or objects, and ill-causing allergens.  This technology is amazing because it can avoid obstacles without the need for manual manipulation.


Among iRobot’s robot vacuum cleaners, the Roomba 780 is considered the most popular consumer choice, hence the best robotic vacuum among its kind.


Roomba 780 Best Features


This vacuum cleaner has an exceptional robotic intelligence. It is capable of familiarizing itself to all the sections and corners of a house and remember them perfectly through the iAdapt navigation system. Through this, the robotic vacuum cleans every square inch of your house floorings. Whether the debris is small, large, hard, and soft, the sensors of this device can detect all of them without lapses. It never stops unless dirt and debris are fully clean and extinguished. What makes it more efficient when it comes into operation are the touchpad controls that lets you programmed its cleaning pattern. Once set, the vacuum will never forget the pattern of cleaning routines that it should be performed. You never have to worry about its dustbin getting full because it allows you to know the dustbin status through the LED display indicator automatically. Compared to other iRobot vacuum series, the 780 comes with a functioning remote control to manipulate the device conveniently. You can have the option of setting your desired pre-programmed cleaning routines. In addition, it comes with a longer battery life so your time is not wasted.


The 780 Drawbacks


Complementing to its compact design, this vacuum cleaner comes with a relatively small dustbin. If you want to have heavy cleaning, you may find this feature somehow inefficient. Over time, the intelligence system of this robotic cleaner tends to become inconsistent. It occasionally bumps into obstacles and some other peculiar behavior that you do not expect. Additionally, it is undeniably expensive considering its several amazing features and revolutionary technological system.  Nevertheless, since there are already new robotic vacuum products, the market value of the Roomba 780 gradually decreases.


This product is, so far, the best robot vacuum on the market. You will be able to appreciate the automatic and intelligent performance of the equipment, especially when it comes to cleaning tough filths on floors or carpets. The price value is justified by its useful features, vacuuming capabilities, and navigation technology. When it comes to quality and performance reliability, this robotic vacuum cleaner has what it takes to be a top-notch.