Home or office cleaning is burdensome without a vacuum cleaner. In today’s technology, there is so much to thank for, especially with the invention of upright vacuum cleaners. These upright vacuums have flexible profiles and full adjustment modes so they can clean surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. They are also equipped with HEPA filtration technology to trap dust and dirt, even the smallest particles and allergen effectively. Some of the best upright vacuum on the market today are fabricated to provide ease and comfort in cleaning.

Kirby vacuum cleaners

The Kirby Company has established a well-renowned name in the home care industry. They have engineered upright vacuum cleaners with complete features and quality performance. Most of the Kirby vacuum cleaners have adjustable height, HEPA filtration system, carpet shampoo system, hard floor vacuum options, portable handle, tile and grout cleaner, pet-hair vacuum, and canister vacuum among other.

One of their most popular products is Kirby Sentria Upright Vacuum. This has been considered a luxury vacuum cleaner but with affordable product price.  It comes with all-inclusive amazing features and carpet cleaner attachments making it a very useful cleaning machine. Whether you use it for households, business offices, or hotel rooms, it can function both for light and for heavy duty cleaning. However, this product is heavy, difficult to maneuver, expensive, and does not come with a dust bag so you have to purchase a separate Kirby bag for this.

Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners

If you are a little bit compulsive when it comes to cleaning floors and surfaces, then you might want to check what Dirt Devil upright vacuum cleaners can offer. Their products all come with sophisticated looks and functional features. They have included important attachments to their cleaners so you can handle any kinds of debris, dust, and dirt even in the most hard-to-reach areas. One of the most affordable yet very efficient product is the Dirt Devil Featherlite Bagless. This is a compact, upright vacuum cleaner with full cleaning power. It performs outstandingly in cleaning dirt and dust within carpet fibers as well as pet hairs. However, its major drawback is that it does not have a brush-roll power switch so you would not get that absolute cleaning in bare floor.

Eureka vacuum cleaner

The Eureka vacuum cleaner cleans surfaces and carpets better compared to the leading bag less upright vacuum cleaners. Among their upright bagless vacuum products, the Eureka Brushroll Clean with Suction Seal performs a creditable job in cleaning carpets, extinguishing pet hair, and suctioning the finest debris, spilled powders, and all other kinds of dust and dirt. It is designed with a 13-inch width cleaning path, 27 feet long cord, upholstery and dusting brush, extension wand, and some other important tools. On the other hand, with respect to product’s drawbacks, this vacuum is difficult to maneuver on hardwood floors, a bit noisy, and gets hot motor with long time usage.

Owning a vacuum cleaner is a wise investment. All of these vacuum cleaners are very efficient when it comes to cleaning. The best vacuum for you should be able to answer all your cleaning needs.