Panasonic is one of the leading industry worldwide when it comes to electronic appliances manufacturing. It has innovated technological breakthrough to vacuum cleaners and offers quality and outstanding canister vacuum products. One of the best canister vacuum cleaner produced by Panasonic is MC-CG917 canister vacuum.

Outstanding Product Features

As one of the best canister vacuum cleaners, this comes with Panasonic OptiFlow technology that helps in maintaining a consistent airflow through the vacuum dust bag. It has an optimum sucking performance leaving every surface clean and clear from dust and dirt buildups. With its easy adjustable setting, you can conveniently clean surfaces with less operational hassles. In addition, when it comes to motor operations, it uses two motor system for the vacuum nozzle allowing for a gentle cleaning performance. Other product features include the following:

  • The HEPA filter is very efficient in capturing up to 99.97% of small particles
  • If you are having problem with pet hairs, you need not worry because of the Air Turbine Brush that rapidly removes these hairs from carpets, stairs, and other household surfaces.
  • If you are so concern about safety, the power nozzle of the vacuum can be immediately stopped should the vacuum cleaner experiences undesirable conditions.
  • You can clean up to 24 ft. with its power cord that comes with a cord reel rewinder making storage easy and hassle-free.
  • This comes with four position adjustments relative to your household’s carpet height.
  • It has a 14-inch wide nozzle so you are not limited to smaller areas.
  • The ergonomically designed handles makes handling, gripping, and maneuvering more convenient.

While this vacuum cleaner is compact and lightweight, it is still effective in providing optimum cleaning performance. The canister bag has a filter that collects large to small size particles, including molds, bacteria, and among other microscopic materials. Compared to other vacuum cleaners with similar operational features, this product is more affordable.

Product Drawbacks

If you do not like guessing games, then this might be a major drawback for you. This product does not have an indicator for a user to know if it is full or not, hence there is a need for regular checking especially when you have been cleaning lots of surfaces over time. Additionally, you cannot use this cleaner for surface stains because it has no separate tool that works with bare floors.

It is important to consider the functionality features of a vacuum cleaner so you will be efficiently assisted in your home cleaning regimen. Understanding these product capabilities will guide you in making up decisions if this vacuum cleaner really suits your needs. Like all other vacuum cleaner products, this kind of Panasonic vacuum cleaner comes with great features and minor drawbacks. Nevertheless, this is a good value for its price.