Since the 1970s, Black & Decker has made significant technologies for car care. In the car care industry, the company has been distinguished to be a top manufacturer for quality and efficient car care products. Included in their excellent car care products are car vacuums. These revolutionary cleaning tools have full suction power and innovative features that can deal with all kinds of car dirt and dust. One of the best car vacuum that the company patented is the DustBuster Auto Vac 1500. This lightweight cleaning tool is specifically made for cleaning cars.

What is good with DustBuster Auto Vac 1500?

The Dustbuster AV 1500 is a car vacuum that is very compact, but comes with powerful cleaning performance. It can suck dirt, dust, and pet hairs because of its cyclonic action technology that supports strong and efficient suctioning. Engineered to perfection, the DustBuster AV 1500 has long, slender nozzles and flexible brush so you will not be experiencing difficulties in cleaning your car’s tight spot. With its 16-foot cable, you will be able to reach all the areas of your car from the front to the back portion. Hence, whether you have a large SUV or a compact designed auto, cleaning comes easy. This cable can be wrapped around the base of the cleaner to keep things tidy and pleasant looking after used. This is purposefully made to be light in weight for easy maneuvering. The vacuum bag is easy to empty for user’s convenience.  The DustBuster AV 1500-car vacuum surely help your car to be free from all kinds of dirt and dust. When it comes to product warranty, Black & Decker covers for two years. So, if you need some part repairs or replacements, you just need to call or email their customer service support.

What is not good about this product?

This Black and Decker car vacuum is an excellent cleaning product with its very helpful features. However, basing on customer’s online reviews, this product does not provide absolute cleaning results. There is still debris that’s left under the seat of the cars. It also cannot accommodate full-chunk food pieces like cereals because of its thin nozzle. The slimness of the nozzles cannot suck up large food sizes. Moreover, compared to other car vacuums that holds a maximum dirt of up to four ounces in five seconds time, the DustBuster AV 1500 only holds up to 3.5 ounces.

This Black and Decker DustBuster has a simple and compact design. Like all other vacuum car cleaners, this also have some drawbacks. Nevertheless, when it comes to cleaning performance, this is something that you can depend on. It has manifested itself as a decent cleaning power tool that is effective in dealing with car dirt and messes.