iRobot Roomba 530 Vacuum Cleaning System

Envision returning home at the end of an arduous and hectic day, an evening meal waiting to be prepared, children needing to be shuttled here and there and the list goes on and on. Imagine if you would, a device that would alleviate some of the household cleaning tasks, an iRobot 530 robotic vacuum cleaner is just that device. This unit takes care of vacuuming large portions of your living space while you are tending to other matters.

A Company by the name of iRobot, founded by two Massachusetts Institute of Technology roboticists in 1990 in Bedford, Massachusetts USA, have developed a line of automatic robots for the home that will vacuum, floor wash, pool clean and perform gutter cleaning tasks. These units are extremely versatile and best of all take some of the burden of house hold chores from us giving one additional time for the more important matters of family and self.

The iRobot Roomba 530 is a self propelled, canister style, automatic vacuum that has the ability to clean along the walls with its unique patented side brush technology, which also allows it the ability to reach into corners. An under unit series of brushes for covering large portions of the floor and carpet space, a vacuum system that receives the debris from the brushing action that is then deposited into a bag-less hopper for easy disposal and an internal navigation system for controlling the unit as it performs its daily task.

The units auto sensing heads are designed to handle the transition from floor to carpet and back again. It has built in ‘bump’ sensors that allow it to determine the nature of the object in its path and whether to continue cleaning through or to turn away from the object. It also has the ability to determine a set of stairs and to tract away from them. It can move easily under and around furniture, when is the last time we could do that?

Roomba vacuum cleaners come with a set of remote moveable sensors which provide one the opportunity to set “off limit” zones. When these are set in place and activated the roomba units sense this fence and turn away. So, let’s say that we want the unit to clean the hallway but not move into the bedrooms yet, we would set the sensors in front of the doorways, turn them on and the robot would know to stay out of that area.

Characteristics of the Roomba 530:

The Roomba 530 maintains a self charge and homes itself to the base charging unit when completing its task or when it needs a recharge

  • Light touch technology allows the unit to determine objects and proceed accordingly
  • Side edge brushes system offers ability to clean along wall boards and in corners
  • “Off Limits” zones are set by the use of the portable virtual wall sensing devices
  • Internal navi-system allows the unit to get under and around objects
  • Dual under unit counter rotating brushes move debris towards the vacuum nozzle
  • Dirt sensors which direct the unit to linger longer on certain areas
  • Self sensing auto adjusting cleaning head for floors and carpets
  • A technology that allows the unit to avoid getting entwined with cords, tassels or carpet fringe

Generations of past used to enjoy the TV cartoon series “The Jetsons'” a cartoon that focused on what future life would be like with the mass use of robotic technology deployed in our home space. It appears that we are just about there with the continued advent of these home robotic units. According to the iRobot website in 2011they hit sales of more than six million home robots sold worldwide.
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